Battlefied V Will Have an Option to Disable Chat Filter

bf5 chat filter

Possibly one of the unexpected news items to come out of the Battlefield V beta is how the game censored ordinary words like “DLC” and “white man,” which caused a lot of confusion among gamers. While DICE already explained why this is happening, it seems some people aren’t satisfied with the answer.

Over on Twitter, DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland answered fan inquiries about the chat filter and confirmed that there will be an option to turn it off.

Another fan raised the notion that chat filter doesn’t need to exist in the first place, which Sirland shot down given that the average player doesn’t want abusive text to get to them.

Is this the end of the Battlefield V chat filter saga? Maybe. Sirland does seem to understand the need for it, and with an option to disable it coming, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, right?

In other Battlefield V news, don’t expect a second beta to happen anytime soon. Check out the list of changes DICE has planned for the game based on beta feedback.

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