Battlefield V Weapons and Vehicles to Be Discussed by DICE Next Week

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, DICE announced an info roadmap for Battlefield V! For this week, the studio dived deep into the game’s classes and Combat Roles, which gives us a better understanding on how the infantry action will play out.

If you’re a bit bummed out that weapons and vehicles weren’t discussed, don’t fret! DICE will be diving deep into both next week! This was announced by DICE Global Community Manager Dan Mitre,

Battlefield V’s Weapons & Vehicles Week Focus Discussion from r/BattlefieldV

Most likely, DICE will showcase each class’ weapon or at least the starting weapons. For the vehicles, fans should expect to see the game’s tanks, planes, and other vehicles detailed. Also, don’t be surprised to see another Ask Me Almost Anything Reddit Q&A by the studio again.

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