Takedown: Red Sabre Video Preview – Weapons Handling and Bullet Penetration

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Takedown: Red Sabre, a so-called spiritual successor to games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, will be making its way to Steam and the Xbox Live Arcade this September 20 for $14.99.

Red Sabre is an unforgiving take on the first-person shooter genre that harkens back to classic PC shooter games that favored strategy, tactics and caution over fancy hollywood action sequences. It is playable both co-operatively or competitively within its various multiplayer modes.

To give anxious fans a bit of a sneak preview, Serellan Studio Head Christian Allen has put together a small series of videos (which we presume will continue up to the point of the game’s launch) demonstrating some of the game’s weapon handling characteristics and bullet penetration mechanics. We’ve also thrown in the game’s first gameplay trailer which debuted last week.

Gameplay Trailer

Weapons Handling Demo

Bullet Penetration Demo

You can also catch a pair of level flythroughs of the maps Radar Station and Killhouse Bases by following the links.

Lastly, pre-ordering the game on Steam will secure early access to the “Killhouse” digital content:

  • The deadliest kill house map available
  • Hone your search and destroy skills
  • Test out weapons and ammunition combinations
  • Designed by Takedown designer and FPS modding legend, Christian Allen

We’re pretty excited for Takedown: Red Sabre. What’s your take? Will you be picking it up later this month?