Team2Bit’s “Fist Puncher” Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off

We’ve had the opportunity to chat with “The Next Game Boss” winners Team2Bit in the past, and the brothers Lewandowski are amping up their goals yet again with old school brawler Fist Puncher.

Fist Puncher, an 8-bit brawler featuring a slew of on-screen enemies, bosses, levels, secrets, and skills, is still an anticipated 2012 release, but Team2Bit has decided to follow in the successful footsteps of so many other independent developers in using crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter to give them the much-needed cash to bring their vision to Xbox Live Arcade and the PC later this year.

On the project homepage, Team2Bit details their plans for improvement, if a successful Kckstarter campaign is in the cards:

Even though Fist Puncher is fun and fully playable as it is, we want to make it amazing. This is what we plan to add and improve over the next few months:
• Better Boss Battles. We have bosses but we haven’t had the time to sit down and make them a real focus. Beat ‘em ups need to have memorable bosses and we intend to give Fist Puncher some of the best.
• Improved Level Design. Beat ‘em ups have not always been famous for level design, usually they just involve waves of enemies for you to button mash your way through. However, we’re committed to fine tuning the pacing and strategy needed to make our levels more interesting.
• Finish the RPG Elements. You can already gain experience, level up and assign skill points to each characters’ various categories, but making the RPG elements really shine takes time and balancing.
• More, More, More. We already plan on adding more levels, enemies and unlockables, but we want Fist Puncher to be deeper. Any funding we obtain in excess of our goal will be used to add as much content as we can.

Hella Fistgerald and Dr. Karate ambush three Jihadist Freemasons.

For those of you looking for a throwback multiplayer brawler with a few modern tweaks, head on over to Team2Bit’s official Fist Puncher campaign page and help bring this “new classic” to home console and PCs.

In addition to the game, there are a bevy of goodies and bonuses in store for backers. A one-dollar donation will net you a digital thank you card as well as your name in the credits. Do you have a great game idea, but aren’t a developer? Donate ten thousand dollars to the Fist Puncher project, and Team2Bit will develop your game!

For more information on the project and Team2Bit, head to Team2Bit’s official webpage.

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