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Team2Bit’s “Fist Puncher” Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off News 1

News 1 We’ve had the opportunity to chat with “The Next Game Boss” winners Team2Bit in the past, and the brothers Lewandowski are amping up their goals yet again with old school brawler Fist Puncher. Fist Puncher, an 8-bit brawler featuring a slew of on-screen enemies, bosses, levels, secrets, and skills, is still an anticipated 2012 release, […]

MP1st Interview: Team2Bit on Fist Puncher, IGF, and Dreams of Multiplayer FFVII News 1

News 1 In our continuing coverage of independent multiplayer game developers, we had the honor of spending some time with Team2Bit. Team2Bit is a studio consisting of brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski, who are hard at work prepping their first release, Fist Puncher. Fist Puncher will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games in early 2012. MP1st: […]