Tekken 8 Jack Gameplay Reveals Explosive Heat Abilities & Plasma Cannon Rage Art

tekken 8 jack gameplay

Tekken‘s version of the Terminator is back, and he’s angrier and stronger than ever. Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Tekken 8 Jack gameplay debut trailer, featuring the eighth model of the lean mean high-octane steel machine as he pounds King into submission with explosive Heat abilities and a new Rage Art in which he unleashes a devastating plasma cannon.

Watch the Tekken 8 Jack gameplay trailer below:

The series’ eighth iteration of the Jack robot “Jack-8” takes visible aesthetic inspiration from the last few decades of sci-fi cinema, particularly Robocop. Each punch Jack-8 deals is packed with earth-shattering power, and the Rage Drive gun combos from Tekken 7 have been replaced with earthshattering melee strikes in his Heat abilities that even let him launch an explosive missile at his enemies. Jack-8 does away with Jack-7’s melee barrage Rage Art and instead engages with a downward smash that launches his opponent into the air, following it up with a blinding plasma cannon blast that knocks even him away.

Bandai Namco is regularly releasing Tekken 8 gameplay trailers in anticipation of the game’s launch, with trailers for Jin, Kazuya, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, and Lars Alexandersson having come out in the last few weeks. The game will launch for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S at a currently-unspecified time.

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