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In today’s latest State of the Game devstream, Ubisoft Massive talked about The Division 2 new PvE mode called “The Summit,” which is what the studio seems to be calling the Skyscraper mode officially. This mode will be free for those who own the Warlords of New York expansion, and will be released in Title Update 11.

In addition to The Summit, nea gear has been discussed as well. Head on below for the info on both

The Division 2 bew PvE mode The Summit:

The Division 2 New PvE Mode


The Summit is designed as a replayable PVE game mode that you can jump in and have an action-packed experience that feels different each time. Basically a “greatest hits of PVE experiences that we’ve had so far in the Division”


  • All the factions will be involved in this mode (Hyena, True Sons, Black Tusk, Outcasts, Underground)
  • Legendary Floors (81-100) will have the White Tusk as enemies
  • Environments can change floor to floor
  • You will encounter old and new Objectives – for example:
    • Rescue Hostage
    • Destroy servers to disable hacked Warhounds
  • It should always be a new experience so that you don’t know what or who you will face on each floor.
  • A set of 10 Floors is about a Stronghold
  • The Boss drops loot in equivalent to a Stronghold
  • XP amount that you earn in a 10-floor segment is also equivalent to a Stronghold


Just to clear up how much is pre-defined and what is randomized:

  • There are dozens of floor sections with pre-defined looks and layouts that get selected when you reach that floor.
  • They select the Faction that you will face on that floor.
  • When the floor has active Directives, they will select what Directive will be active.
  • So it is pre-defined, but it is randomly selected, what you will face and encounter.
  • Spawns are also random.


  • You start by approaching the elevator
  • When you play it the first time, you can only travel to the first floor
  • From then on you need to clear The Summit floor by floor
  • Every 10 Floors you encounter a boss level, that will unlock a “Rally Point”
  • For example, once you have beaten the boss on floor 10, you can use the elevator to reach the Rally Point on floor 11 next time and continue to play from there. (So you don’t have to start at floor 1 each time)
  • As you work your way up The Summit, you will encounter floors that have normal / hard / challenging / heroic / legendary (floor 81) difficulty and the higher you get the more difficult it will become.
  • It is up to you, what difficulty you want to play because once you have unlocked the Rally Points, you can use the elevators to reach the different floors.
  • For example, go to the Rally Point on floor 51 and continue to play on heroic there.
  • Once a Rally Point is activated, they stay active and you can return to them at any time you want.
  • You can return to the lobby after you have killed the boss on the different boss levels
  • The Global Difficulty is ignored – the floors define the difficulty
  • The Summit is accessible on the New York Mega Map


  • As you go up the Summit, you take an elevator every third floor
  • These are also the checkpoints.
  • When you die or wipe on your journey up, you will restart at the last elevator you took
  • For example, when you die on floor 8, you will restart on floor 7
  • That also applies to Legendary Difficulty.


  • You will be able to matchmake by difficulty
  • You basically select a difficulty and then you will be placed on the floor with the other players.
  • You can join other players on higher floors


Free for all players that own the Warlords of New York expansion

Targeted Loot

  • Targeted Loot is active and the assigned Targeted Loot will apply to the entire Skyscraper regardless of what floor you are playing.
  • That will be tested on the PTS and then see if that will be changed


  • The Summit is built to be completed solo
  • So the content and the difficulty will scale to group size
  • The legendary floors will also scale, but you have to be very good to complete those floors solo.

Rogue Agents

  • Rogue Agent encounters can occur at random on different floors

In addition to that, the studio talked about Title Update 11 gear too! There are new gear sets coming, and we have a sneak peek at those here.

Title Update 11 Gear:

Belstone Armory Brand Set

  • New defensive Brand Set
  • Survivability and self-sustain as a theme

New Named Gear Pieces

  • Perfectly Efficient (Chest Piece)
    • Using an armor kit has a 75% chance to not consume the armor kit.
  • Perfect Bloodsucker
    • Killing an enemy adds and refreshes a stack of +12% bonus armor for 10s.

Season 3 Gear

Shrapnel Trap

  • It is both a defensive and an area denial tool
  • You can throw it and then it creates a minefield of Shrapnel Mines.
  • If you quick-deploy it, it essentially acts like a claymore mine in a designated direction.

Hunter’s Fury Gear Set

  • It is up-close and personal Gear Set
  • Players that want to attack NPCs up-close
  • Once you kill the NPCs you can regenerate armor and health
  • You also apply a debuff to the NPCs in the area
  • Those are personal buffs and not group buffs

Kard-45 Pistol

  • Standard and Named Version
  • The Named Version applies +1 Skill Tier when you are holding it.

SIX12 Shotgun

  • Standard and Named Version
  • The Named Version gives you armor on kill

Exotic Backfire SMG

  • As you are shooting the gun, it stacks Crit Hit Damage until 200% in total
  • When you reload, you apply a bleed to yourself, and that damage scales with the number of Critical Hit Damage stacks that you have.
  • 200 stacks remove all your armor
  • Hazard Protection helps to mitigate that damage
  • This exotic is on the Seasonal Reward Track

Exotic Memento Backpack

  • It rolls with all three Core Attributes
  • When you kill an enemy, they drop a trophy that you can collect
  • When you collect a trophy you get two buffs, the first buff has a short duration (10s), but the buffs scales with the number of cores that you have on your gear.
    • All red build => 30% Weapon Damage
    • All blue build => 120% Bonus Armor
    • All yellow build => 30% Skill Efficiency
  • For every Trophy you get a second buff with a long duration (5 minutes)
    • For every Stack you get
      • 1% Weapon Damage
      • 1% Skill Efficiency
      • 0.1% Armor Regen
    • Max 30 Stacks
  • Skill Efficiency is a new attribute similar to Weapon Handling – it does many things
    • 1% Skill Efficiency is:
      • 1% Skill Damage
      • 1% Skill Haste
      • 1% Skill Repair
      • 1% Status Effects
      • 1% Skill Health

The Summit Gear

Exotic “Ridgeway’s Pride” Chest

  • This is an Exotic Quest that you unlock once you have reached Floor 100 of The Summit
  • Once you have completed the quest, you can craft the Exotic
  • It applies bleed to all enemies you shoot within 10m
  • Good synergy with the new Hunter’s Fury Gear Set

There are also planned PvP changes in Title Update 11 as well. Speaking of Title Update 11, check out the details regarding gear transmog here, and we posted about the upcoming loot changes last week as well.

Source: Reddit

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