The Division 2 Next Patch to Drop in October, Here’s Some of the Stuff Coming in Title Update #6

the division 2 next patch

Earlier today, Ubisoft Massive held the first The Division 2 State of the Game livestream since last month’s hiatus, and in it, the devs talked about The Division 2 next patch, which the studio has confirmed will drop in October. Title Update #6 will drop with Episode 2, and will include the usual gameplay tweaks and more.

Here’s some of the important info from the devs via the livestream:

Gear Sets

  • With Title Update 6 you no longer need 6 items to complete the Gear Set but only 4 to unlock all the bonuses.
  • This also allows the combination with other high-end pieces or exotic items.
  • The Chest and the Backpack will get additional high-end gear talents that usually roll on these items.
  • The Raid Gear Sets will now be available in the general loot pool – the chest and the backpack item will stay exclusive to the raid. But since you only need 4 items to activate the Gear Set you can play with those without participating in the raid. Only when you want to unlock the full potential of the Raid Sets (as in getting the chest and the backpack) you need to participate in the raid.
  • With TU6 – you will also get the craftable Gear Sets and the sets that were previously assigned to the Black Tusk from the Loot Pool.

Brands Sets

  • With Title Update 6 all brands have items for all slots.
  • With that change, you will be a lot more flexible when you put together your build.
  • This is one less thing you need to keep track off that is also not documented in-game.
  • One Exception is the 5.1.1 Set because that is a real-world reference and they only make the specific items that are in the game now.

Named Items

Over the course of the campaign, you get some “Named Weapon” like Emeline’s Guard P90 that have specific lore and a story behind them. But currently, they are basically a reskin of existing weapons with some lore attached to them. That is why they want to revamp those, add more and also make them more interesting to acquire.

  • There will be 35 new Named Items (weapons and gear) will be added to the game.
  • Some of these items will have unique sources where you can get them.
  • They will also be very rare drops and they will be an incentive to play the more difficult content of the game (Heroic Missions / Higher difficulty checkpoint). The specific sources are still WIP
  • There will also be a visual indicator so that you don’t miss the drop.
  • The special thing about these Named items is, that they have a unique Talent on them that is basically a “perfect” version of existing high-end talent. For example, when the normal talent does 10% weapon damage under specific conditions the perfect version does 15% on the Named Item.
  • While one Talent is fixed per item, the rest of the stats on the Named Item are still RNG. So you will be able to get different qualities of these weapons.
  • That special Talent can’t be recalibrated away to other items.


They know that the loot pool is very big and with Title Update 6 we have even more items in the loot pool and it is hard to target specific items that you need.

That is why with Title Update 6 once you reach World Tier 5 they will add a new system to the game that will allow you to narrow down the loot pool for more targeted farming.


  • The Recalibration got a completely new UI
  • Instead of selecting an item, you select the stat you want and then select the item you want to get the specific stat from.
  • The stat-restriction has been removed, so you can now recalibrate any stat to any stat. Offensive to defensive etc.
  • The goal is to give you more flexibility when you optimize your items.
  • There will also be bore flexibility when recalibrating Talents on items. You can take a talent that is on one backpack and move it to another backpack, regardless of the brand of each backpack.
  • But the Talent restrictions still apply, so you can’t recalibrate an active talent to a handling talent.
  • They are also looking to change the color/type of your mod-slots. That is still work in progress though.


  • They are raising the material cap that you can carry – no specific numbers as of now
  • You will also be able to share materials among your characters
  • You will get more material drops from Materials
  • Once you are full, the materials will no longer drop
  • The Scavenging containers in the open world will now drop both materials.
  • There will also be a chance that you get Polycarbonate from deconstructing items.
  • Crafting will also get cheaper and will use up less gray and brand mats
  • There will also be a complete list of blueprints in-game and where they drop. This way you see what blueprints are missing and where you get them.


Will be upgraded to 300 Slots.

To see what’s in store for the State of the Game for the next few episodes, click here.

Source: Reddit

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