The Forest Update Targets Multiplayer Bugs, Draw Distance Issues & More

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Endnight Games has released a new hotfix for The Forest, which focuses on fixing bugs that came up in last week’s v0.70 patch.

If you’re using your own dedicated server, you’ll need to restart it with the latest version in order to be compatible with this new patch release.

Find the full list of fixes below:

– Fixed drinking boiled water from pot not providing hydration

– Fixed draw distance on lizards and rabbits being too close causing them to pop on

– (Multiplayer)Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not spawning in caves for clients

– (Multiplayer)Fixed a case of enemies not drowning when underwater

– (Multiplayer)Fixed a case of in cave status staying on for clients if they exited a climbing exit whilst climbing very close behind another player

What do you think of the latest hotfix? Good to see the developers working quickly, right? Let us know below.

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Source: Survive The Forest