There’s a PS Vita Bully Port Now Available Thanks to Modders

While Rockstar Games has still not done anything with its Bully franchise other than updating its trademark for it recently, someone decided to take matters into their own hands, and released a Bully PS Vita port!

Modder Andy Nguyen (his bio says he’s a Security Engineer at Google), decided to port Rockstar’s Bully to Android so it can be played on the PlayStation Vita! Of course, if you want to play it, you’ll need a jailbroken Vita, which isn’t really that hard to do (attempt at your own risk, of course).

Having said that, the game doesn’t run smoothly, as the github where the instructions are listed also mentions the following issues:

  • The official game does not free unused textures (as modern smartphones have more RAM than the PS Vita) and as such, the game will crash after a long gameplay.
  • If the game crashes, and there are files available in ux0:data/Bully/glsl, please send them to us. If there are too many, then it is because you forgot to install, in which case do not send us the files.

Someone with a PS Vita tried it, and yes, it works!

Given how Sony seems to be on the brink of closing down the PlayStation Store on the handheld, it seems modders will need to support it themselves with these ports and whatnot.

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