This PUBG Simulator Will Help Make You a Sniper Master

Using a sniper in PUBG can be a daunting task. Since there’s no firing range to test out accuracy, or any tutorials to help players learn the ropes, the only way to get good with a sniper is to jump in at the deep end.

Thankfully, the folks over at have created a simple “PUBG Simulator” as a tutorial on how to use the Kar89k. It focuses on predicting bullet drop at certain distances.

I think it works well. You can watch me testing it out below:

To try it for yourself, click here. (Use Google Translate on the page, if you need it in English.)

Reddit user gomico provided some instructions on how the simulator works:

Right click to toggle ADS, left click to fire. (Currently supports headshots and torso shots only)

Choose 4x scope(四倍镜) or 8x scope(八倍镜) on the right side of screen.

You can also choose a terrain: random(随机), flat ground(水平), short slope(低坡), high slope(高坡).

Click 更换场景 to enter the next scene after every shot.

When fired, a text message will show up as below

未命中(yellow text) no hit

命中:身体(red text) body hit, with a number of current distance

命中:爆头(red text with a skull icon) headshot, with a number of current distance

Only kar98k available currently.

I actually found it pretty useful, and it’s great to see the community working to help others. It might be a simple tool, but it’s definitely worth a go!

In other PUBG news, Xbox has said that sales for the console version are “very big,” netcode analysis shows that the game has a big problem, and the Battle Royale Trainer is here to help players improve.

Source: Reddit

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