Titanfall 2 Announced For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC – Worldwide Reveal Is June 12

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The sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s debut first-person shooter game on Xbox One and PC is getting a fully-multi-platform release with more mech-versus-mech action, now with badass robot swords.

Titanfall 2, as it’s called, was announced today by EA and Respawn via a short but exciting teaser trailer portraying a pilot emerging from a drop pod, only to come face-to-face with a giant sword-wielding titan. You can watch it for yourself above.

The original, which launched in 2014 to positive reviews, came exclusively to the Xbox One and PC as per Respawn’s contract with Microsoft, as well as its recent formation and partnership with EA. We’ll learn much more about the sequel during EA’s “EA Play” Press Conference on June 12, but we do know it will welcome Sony fans with a launch on PlayStation 4 in addition to Xbox One and PC.

How many hours have you sunk into the original? Any Sony fans out there happy to welcome Titanfall 2 to PlayStation?

You’ll find EA and Respawn’s new official Titanfall page right here.