Titanfall 2 Future Plans for the Year to Include Three New Patches

Titanfall 2 down

In the latest Frontier News Network by Respawn Entertainment, the studio has outlined what’s coming to Titanfall 2 for the rest of the year. While no new maps or weapons were mentioned, Respawn has confirmed that there will be patches from the studio dropping this month (October), November and December as part of the Titanfall 2 future plans for 2017.

The monthly patches will focus on quality of life changes, bug fixes (Tone Particle Wall bug has been mentioned), and balance changes. While no new weapons will be added (so far), there will be weapon skins available for purchase by the end of the year. According to Respawn, “Elite” skins for primary weapons are what the studio is targeting, which includes Holiday-themed skins.

Respawn has also mentioned that the game’s “Featured Mode” spot on the multiplayer menu will continue to be rotated and that the studio will try “some stuff” that will be talked about at a later date.

The last Titanfall 2 update, Postcards From the Frontier, saw a map and a bunch of stuff added.

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