Titanfall 2 Upcoming Update Includes New Elite Weapon Warpaints and More

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Developer Respawn Entertainment has written a new blog post detailing the Titanfall 2 upcoming update that will see new weapon warpaints, a few gameplay tweaks and more.

Called “Harvest Time,” the next Titanfall 2 update will shoot out next week on November 28. The weapons getting new warpaints for this upcoming patch will be the Flatline, Volt and Alternator SMGs, the R-101 carbine, and Flatline rifles, and the Softball and EPG-1 launchers. You can check out the new weapon skins here.

Patch Notes

Patch notes for this month are small, but it’s a few things that you guys asked for and we agreed with. This month’s patch notes are as follows:

  • All advocate gifts are now purchasable with credits
  • Upcoming featured modes: Nitro Mixtape, Nitro FFA
  • Fixed an issue where cloaked enemies look like they have a mosaic overlay instead of being cloaked when a player is embarked in a titan

Respawn also explained the reasoning behind the last patch Titanfall 2 got. According to the studio, it made the changes to shake “up the meta,” since it was noticing the grapple hook ability was the most used one to the point that it made players to give the other tacticals a chance.

In the last patch, we had a multitude of changes from Arc Grenades, RSPN 101/201 Weapons, pilot abilities and more. The idea behind these changes was to keep the game fresh by shaking up the meta.

The most notable change was to Grapple. This has been the most used tactical ability to the point that we felt it was causing players to not give the other tacticals much of a chance. With that, we decided to remove a charge on the Grapple to bring it more inline with the other tacticals. We knew this change would be risky, but we wanted to evaluate if the impact of this change could encourage a more diverse meta versus playing it safe. We are continuing to monitor this change and will provide an update on it next month.

Now on to the change for the Mozambique and Wingman Elite pistols from secondaries to primaries. We saw a decent pool of players who enjoyed using these as primary weapons and hardly touched the actual primaries. Thus why these specific weapons were chosen. Because they would become primary, they would be under powered compared to the rest so we buffed them to legitimize the users who enjoy this style of play.

You can check the complete blog post from Respawn right here, where the studio also reveals 10 new banners that can be earned by players.

We’ll be sure to alert players once the patch is out next week.

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