Titanfall 2 Update 1.10 Out Now, Is the “Tricks and Treats” Patch

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Boot up your Titans, soldiers! A new Titanfall 2 update (1.10) is out now, and it’s Respawn’s Halloween event for the shooter! Clocking in at a reasonable 219MB on the PlayStation 4, the Titanfall 2 patch adds Elite weapon skins, and game tweaks.


With the Tricks and Treats patch comes a new set of Elite Weapon skins including 3 Limited edition spooky skins to celebrate Halloween. The Halloween Skins and Bundle will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and will be removed from the store on 11/28 so get them while you can!

Each of these skins comes with a Squad Leader Bonus which gives:

  • 10% chance per owner Elite Weapon [up to 30%] to earn a double xp token at the end of a match.
  • Grants 1 extra merit to you and your teammates as the end of a match. A player can only receive this bonus once per match.


  • We have new Featured Modes to introduce that will be added to the existing rotation.
  • We’ve taken another look at Pistols and heard your feedback. Expect to see some changes for Mozambique and Wingman Elite.
  • You will also see some adjustments made to Attrition, Frontier Defense, and Reapers.

More info to come at the end of the week!

You can check out the weapon skin images here.

While there might not be more maps coming anytime soon, Respawn has confirmed we’ll see three patches (this is one of ’em) rolled out for Titanfall 2 before 2017 is up.

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