Titanfall 2 Update 1.12 Flies Out, Here’s What’s New in “Harvest Time”

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As we reported last week, a new Titanfall 2 update is out now on all platforms and is called “Harvest Time” by developer Respawn Entertainment. It’s a super small patch that comes in at just 134MB.

There’s a bunch of new weapon skins for the Flatline, Volt and Alternator SMGs, the R-101 carbine, and Flatline rifles, and the Softball and EPG-1 launchers. Check out the super short patch notes below.

  • All advocate gifts are now purchasable with credits
  • Upcoming featured modes: Nitro Mixtape, Nitro FFA
  • Fixed an issue where cloaked enemies look like they have a mosaic overlay instead of being cloaked when a player is embarked in a titan

In other news related to Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment has been acquired by EA for almost half a billion dollars! Check out the full report here.

Once we hear more details about Titanfall 2’s next patch, we’ll be sure to let players know.

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