Top 7 Black Ops Cold War Beta Feedback Changes We Want to See

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While we already posted the MP1st Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta review, we still have quite a lot t0 say regarding what we experienced during the two-week beta period. In this article, we talk about the top Black Ops Cold War beta feedback changes we want to see Treyarch implement at launch!

Note that this doesn’t include all the stuff that we think should be changed, but rather, the most important ones that should be prioritized.

Top 7 Black Ops Cold War Beta Feedback Changes We Want to See:

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Weapon Leveling

While Treyarch triggered double XP and double weapon XP during the beta, playing through the normal XP progression felt normal except for weapon leveling. Given how attachments played a huge role in how loadouts would set up, the slow weapon progression was highlighted in the beta.

This is a very easy fix, and if Treyarch doesn’t tweak it, isn’t really a dealbreaker. That said, I gather the community would appreciate if it was ramped up a bit at launch though.

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Ping Indicators 

In past Call of Duty games, players can see what kind of connection they had in a match and whether they were lagging or not. In Modern Warfare 2019, Infinity Ward tucked the ping indicators (on consoles at least) in the Options screen. Unfortunately, in the Black Ops Cold War beta, there’s no way to figure this out at all.

While we can see whether we’re experiencing extreme lag or packet bursts, we don’t know how good our connection is. Simply put: features we had in the early 2000’s shouldn’t be something taken out in a multiplayer game in 2020.

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Lobby Disbanding

In the alpha, players were happy to see that lobbies didn’t disband after every match. This meant that if you joined a game mid match, you can suck it up and just get some revenge in the next match. This builds rivalries and some trash talking in succeeding matches. However, though. for some reason or another, Treyarch chucked this in the beta and disbanded lobbies.

Same with weapon progression, this is an easy fix, but that doesn’t mean they will. We hope they do for the community’s sake.

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What made hiding the pings and connection more annoying is how the netcode was, well, super inconsistent. It made gunfights and matches feel great in one match, and super crappy the next due to the connection. Unfortunately though, the latest deep dive into the beta’s netcode did not bear good news.

Out of all the things in this list, this might be the most important thing that Treyarch checks and improves, since it affects the overall gameplay greatly.

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Aim Assist

The Black Ops Cold War beta featured a rather weird (or messed up) aim assist. It either worked too well that your crosshair pointed to enemies that you couldn’t even so on your screen, and/or it also “fought” with the player. Me, personally, I’ve encountered multiple instances wherein the aim assist fought with my own aim, and the outcome was, I either got killed, or the aim assist “assisted” me so much that it couldn’t decide which enemy to aim at (if there was more than one near my crosshair).

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Scorestreak System/Spam

Here’s a prime example of fixing something that wasn’t broken. Literally no one complained about Treyarch’s implementation of the scorestreak system in previous Call of Duty games, but here we are, and Treyarch changed it so that it prioritizes kills more than anything else. While I have no doubt Treyarch will continually tweak how the multipliers and scores are dished out, the simple fact is, the new scorestreak system encouraged people to hang back rather than attack objectives, which was the main point of using scorestreaks than kilstreaks.

Why attack objectives when you can just sit back and just farm for the kill score multiplier? It’s not like nabbing objectives will net you big scores either. Players camping and not doing anything other than farming kills can net a ton of points and sit atop the scoreboard, while people who attack objectives are at the middle since they most likely will die before reaching any of the big points multipliers.

In addition to the multipliers, the new streak system also does away with tension of any kind too. Now, in almost every match, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll get your streak rewards in one form or another since you don’t need to be in an active streak to get it. Just farm enough points and you’ll get your streaks — it takes away the game within a game in matches. Not only that, but be prepared for UAV spam (as seen in the beta), and with most gamers getting their streaks around the same time, you’ll have phases in matches where there’s a constant barrage of streaks from either team, and it’s just exhausting to deal with.

Will Treyarch change this? Probably not since this is one of their big new features i Black Ops Cold War. But that said, I hope they tweak it somewhat so that those who attack objectives are rewarded more than those just camping for kills.

Enemy Visibility

Just how bad is the enemy visibility in the Black Ops Cold War beta? Bad enough that it was the subject of an article from us (and even YouTubers, too). Simply put: you should NOT have any issues discerning enemies from the background if you’re playing in front of a 65-inch 4K TV (as I was).

It got so bad for me that I bumped my TV’s brightness up to max since I thought that was the issue (nope, didn’t help and just made things look washed out).

There’s no excuse when an enemy has their entire character on your screen and you STILL have problems seeing them (as in the screenshot above and it’s super zoomed in, even).

Well, there you have it! While the list above isn’t the complete list of changes we’d like to see implemented in the final game, these are the most pressing ones we’re concerned with. What’s your most pressing issue that needs to be fixed in the final game based from the beta? Let us know down in the comments below.

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