Ubisoft Offers Tips & Tricks On How To Play The Division Closed Beta

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Role-playing games are, by nature, pretty big, with lots of stuff to do, lots of things to learn, and lots of places to explore. The Division, a third-person-shooter RPG with elements taken from other MMO games, is no different.

While the upcoming closed beta will surely provide the developers at Ubisoft Massive with the data they need to improve the game for launch, it also serves as an opportunity for those new to the game to learn the ropes of being an agent in The Division. By the looks of it, there are quite a few different systems and mechanics in place, including base-building, character progression, weapon customization, co-op missions, adversarial environments, etc. But before you let it get to your head, we suggest taking a look at the latest walkthrough trailer that Ubisoft recently strung together, showing you the first few steps you’ll take as you’re getting started in the beta. You can watch it above.

The Division closed beta starts Thursday morning for Xbox One users and Friday morning for PlayStation 4 and PC users. You can find exact start times here.

The Division launches March 8.