UFC 4 Fighter Ratings From 40-21 Revealed

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While we posted about the intial UFC 4 fighter ratings for the first batch (50-41), we now have the list for the rest in one go! This is from 40-21, since we’re expecting EA to reveal the top 20 or top 10 in a much grander fashion.

Without further ado, check out the list below.

Once we get to the top 20, we’ll let our readers know. Don’t forget to check out the new Career Mode shown off in a new video. Speaking of fighter ratings, EA has announced that former champ Daniel Cormier would be the one to tinker with fighter ratings after every major event!

Here are some of the gameplay improvements players can expect from this new UFC fighting game:


Fluid Clinch Control

UFC 4 introduces Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech) into the art of the ‘clinch’, creating a fluid experience driven by positioning and physical context.

Takedown Overhaul

UFC 4 introduces RPM Tech into takedown gameplay as well. With a multitude of new takedown animations, players will feel a larger spectrum of outcomes, driven by user control and fighter attributes.

Devastating Ground and Pound

With the ground and pound overhaul, UFC 4 puts you in more control of postured-up scenarios, giving the striker more tools to aim and pick their spots and the defender access to more tools, like head movement and well-timed counter transitions.

UFC 4 is grappling its way out this August 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One.