UFC 4 Top 10 Fighters Revealed

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While EA has been slowly revealing the fighter ratings in UFC 4, we now have the best of the best — at least according to the developers. The UFC 4 Top 10 fighters have been announced, and some might be surprised at who’s in it!

UFC 4 Top 10 Fighters:

As you can see, and according to the press release, this is the first time in EA Sports UFC history that a woman fighter has earned the no. 1 overall rating. For those unaware, Amanda “Lioness” Nunes is the current women’s bantamweight and featherweight champ, and is the first woman to become a two-division UFC champion.

Here’s some of the gameplay improvements coming to the game courtesy of EA:


Fluid Clinch Control

UFC 4 introduces Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech) into the art of the ‘clinch’, creating a fluid experience driven by positioning and physical context.

Takedown Overhaul

UFC 4 introduces RPM Tech into takedown gameplay as well. With a multitude of new takedown animations, players will feel a larger spectrum of outcomes, driven by user control and fighter attributes.

Devastating Ground and Pound

With the ground and pound overhaul, UFC 4 puts you in more control of postured-up scenarios, giving the striker more tools to aim and pick their spots and the defender access to more tools, like head movement and well-timed counter transitions.

In other UFC 4-related news, EA has announced that Daniel “DC” Cormier will be handling the fighter ratings after every major event. Make sure to check out the new Career Mode being introduced in the sports sim as well.

UFC 4 smacks its way out this August 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One.