This Unsolved Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Goes Deep, Battlefield Yeti Discovered

The Battlefield 4 community is getting deep into a seemingly unsolvable easter egg related to the recently launched Naval Strike DLC, and possibly the mysterious Phantom Trainee assignment.

Battlefield 4 YouTube personality JackFrags has a nice summary of what secrets Naval Strike holds, though it doesn’t seem like the hints and clues are leading to anything in particular just yet. Here’s what the community has come up with so far.

[youtube id=”Q1R9fAFPcqA”]

As for something a little more clear cut, here’s a pretty neat Battlefield 4 easter egg originally discovered by “szu1985” on the map Golmud Railway. Bet you didn’t know a Yeti lives here.

Battlefield 4 Yeti Easter Egg

[youtube id=”gOX7ozVoqPg”]

Both DannyOnPC and LachianCotter have a couple of Reddit threads worth checking out as well where some of these easter eggs are being tracked. Check them out below:

Are you joining the hunt?

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is now out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 with the Xbox One and PC versions being delayed until early April.

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