Untitled Ubisoft Game Coming to Xbox Series X, Will Feature Sports Violence & 32-Player Multiplayer

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While there’s bound to be quite a number of unannounced games set to hit next-gen, it seems the existence of one got unearthed today, and it’s a mystery/untitled Ubisoft Xbox Series X|S title!

Simply titled MAD – VMC #1, the game file itself is on the official Microsoft Store and even has “Confidential” slapped across its page. We’ve taken a screenshot just in case it gets taken down (via Roberto Serrano).

Key things to take from it so far are that it’s a VMC beta file that’s use for internal testing (as mentioned in the game page), it’ll feature both single-player and multiplayer. It’ll also feature 4K HDR, so it should look pretty.

Speaking of multiplayer, it will feature matches of up to 32 players! While we don’t know exactly what kind of game this is, it’ll feature “sports” and “violence,” which suggests a team-based game that could possibly be based on a new sport-like title crafted by Ubisoft. For those wondering, only the next-gen Xbox platforms seem to support the game.

Given how Ubisoft is usually platform agnostic, the chances of this untitled Ubisoft Xbox game hitting PlayStation or other platforms is quite high, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a full-on or timed exclusive to the Xbox platforms.

Once we know more details, we’ll let our readers know.

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