Upcoming Call of Duty WW2 Fixes Detailed by Sledgehammer Games

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Sledgehammer Games has detailed a new list of fixes, which will be featured in an upcoming Call of Duty WW2 update/s, that are in various stages of being solved. The list was a response to a fan-created Reddit thread, which listed a number of complaints.

Here’s what Sledgehammer Games is currently working on:


  • M1928 Wayfinder II Weapon Charm issue
  • Loading in 7v5 on Gridiron (but let us know if you’re still seeing this issue in other modes)
  • Ground War Orders not tracking for HC Ground War
  • Map exploit on Operation Griffin

Partially fixed, but still working to resolve:

  • Spectator spawning issue
  • Camo previews not loading
  • Prestige icons loading slowing
  • Viewing Pistol Grips and Uniforms causing crashes
  • Display issues when viewing Pistol Grips
  • New Shipment spawn kill location (fixed this once, but are working on a fix for the new spot)
  • Random XB1 crashes
  • Random game freezes
  • Uniform display issues
  • Inspecting while sprinting sprintout issue
  • Various error message occurrences/issues
  • Various in-game typos

Currently investigating and collecting more data on the following.

Note: Please continue to send any footage to our social accounts as it’s helpful for reproduction in the dev environment:

  • Announcer volume on War Mode
  • Paintjobs randomly disappearing
  • Loading into War Mode with default Character Uniform
  • News section default showing “Welcome Soldier” screen
  • Operation Neptune crashes
  • Level 1000 players’ lag post-kill, and effects on rest of lobby
  • Suppressors not attaching properly
  • Issues with players’ mic audio in HQ
  • Incendiary kills not counting towards “400 kills in Airborne Division” Weekly Order
  • Whether other Ground War Orders are improperly tracking
  • Firing Range not equipping what is “Set as HQ Soldier”
  • “Kicked for inactivity” when creating Emblem or Paintjob
  • Possible aim assist inconsistencies
  • XB1 issue with character allotment when renaming a Division
  • Craft Paintjob controls inverted
  • Repeller II animation issues
  • Control issues with changing secondary category

Working to improve:

  • Prestige rewards (we’ll let you know when we have more info to share)

Are there any fixes that you would want Sledgehammer Games to prioritize? Let us know.

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Source: Reddit via CharlieINTEL

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