Massive Map Sizes in Battlefield 3 and More On Sound Design

If I were to ask you what’s one thing that was done really well in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I think many would agree that the in-game audio really stood out. I’m sure many fans are excited to see what kind of improvements they’ve made in Battlefield 3. Check out one of our earlier posts on sound design and soundtracks in Battlefield 3.

Tomas Danko, VO Producer at DICE, has revealed some interesting audio facts about Battlefield 3 on Twitter recently, as well as some info regarding map sizes.

We’ve all seen the tyrannosaurus BF3 pictures circling the internet. One fan suggested to Mr. Danko that it would be rather funny to make a mock VO for it anyways. Interestingly enough, Danko responded to him saying, “Who said there is no t-rex audio in BF3?” What does this mean exactly? We don’t know. But we will make sure to let our readers know at the first sign of any Tyrannosaurus Warfare DLC pack! This fan also asked exactly how many lines of VO are in Battlefield 3, to which Danko responded, “In total around 18 000 wave files of VO, not counting localized languages.

Bad Company 2 has been known for their intense, and sometimes hilarious VO lines that can be heard during the heat of battle. One fan commented on this subject, asking if soldiers would still be screaming insults every time they knived a door or a fence down. He also added that he though it really added to the immersion of the game. Danko answered, “Never any VO when knifing to begin with.” This could perhaps come as sightly bad news to many, but DICE could have felt that insults did not have any place in Battlefield 3.

Lastly, Danko was also asked about map sizes, specifically, whether or not any maps would be bigger than 2,000 square meters. Danko confidently responded, “How about more than twice that size…

DICE seems to be hard at work at every aspect of Battlefield 3, including the audio. I hope you’ve all upgraded your sound system just as much as you’re PC or TV.

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See you on the Battlefield, and don’t forget to PTFO.

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