War Thunder Update 3.10 May 22 Patch Rolled Out

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While Gaijin Entertainment released a War Thunder patch a few days ago that included a host of gameplay-related fixes, the studio has released the War Thunder update 3.10 May 22 patch, and given this is our second patch this week, this is primarily for technical fixes.

War Thunder update 3.10 May 22 patch notes:

  • Some rare bugs related to game crashes have been fixed for following situations:
    • In air battles;
    • During connection to an already ongoing battle.
  • Game crashes when using stream and replay features has been fixed.
  • Game crash on a Mac client game start has been fixed.

Basically, that’s all we know so far. We’re going to take a look and see if there are more changes in this War Thunder patch, and will update the post if we find anything.

Those not familiar with the game, it’s a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer game which has been running since 2013, and is available in almost all gaming platforms.

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