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War Thunder Update 3.28 September 17 Steams Out News 0

News 0 Gaijin Entertainment has released the War Thunder update 3.28 September 17 patch, and it brings sound fixes, and MBT modifications. Head on below for the patch notes. War Thunder Update 3.28 September 17 patch notes: Changes to protection parameters of the American and Soviet MBTs In the recently published changelog for the “Raining Fire” update, […]

War Thunder Update 3.17 June 25 Patch Fires Out News 0

News 0 Vehicular warfare fans, Gaijin Entertainment has released the War Thunder update 3.17 June 25 patch or what the studio calls update patch There’s quite a number of fixes which you can read below. War Thunder update 3.17 June 25 patch notes: A bug on the PS4 and Xbox One, where the multifunctional menu axis […]

War Thunder Update 3.15 June 5 Fixes Listed News 0

News 0 Gaijin Entertainment has released multiple patches for War Thunder this week, with the latest one rolled out today. Console gamers will see the War Thunder update 3.15 June 5 patch already live, and it’s for a set of fixes. War Thunder Update 3.15 June 5 patch notes: IJN Tone — Spare torpedoes that can now be […]

War Thunder Update 3.10 May 22 Patch Rolled Out News 0

News 0 While Gaijin Entertainment released a War Thunder patch a few days ago that included a host of gameplay-related fixes, the studio has released the War Thunder update 3.10 May 22 patch, and given this is our second patch this week, this is primarily for technical fixes. War Thunder update 3.10 May 22 patch notes: Some […]

War Thunder Update 3.09 May 20 Brings Version on Consoles News 0

News 0 Gaijin Entertainment has released the War Thunder update 3.09 May 20 patch for consoles today. The studio calls this patch on PC, and it’s for consoles (PS4, Xbox One). Check out the full War Thunder update 3.09 patch notes below. War Thunder update 3.09 May 20 patch notes: The after-armour effect of secondary […]

Upcoming War Thunder Patch 1.75 to Feature French Ground Forces News 0

News 0 With the French Air Force having entered the game with patch 1.73, it was only a matter of time before we’d see French ground forces added to War Thunder. Update 1.75 will add French armored vehicles, available from rank I to rank VI. French technology, like oscillating turrets and drum-fed autoloaders, will “open new tactical opportunities […]

War Thunder Update Fixes Bugs, Improves Reticles & More News 0

News 0 Gaijin Entertainment has released a new update for War Thunder, fixing several bugs and improving reticles functionality. Those of you being hit with especially bright tracers, can now rest easy, as their brightness has been toned down.  Find the full list of updates below: A bug where minimal sensitivity of the sights could have 0% […]

Major War Thunder Update Adds French Aircraft, New Ground Vehicles & More News 0

News 0 A new War Thunder update has been rolled out, bringing major changes to the game. Update 1.73 adds French aircraft and new ground vehicles. It also shakes up gameplay with a long list of balance changes. Give the patch notes a read below: New Aircraft – French tech tree S.O.8000 Narval France Caudron C.R.714 France […]

War Thunder North America PS4 Release Now Possible, News Hopefully Next Week News 5

News 5 After being delayed for months, PlayStation 4 gamers in North America may finally be able to get their hands on War Thunder. In a recent Reddit posting concerning squad functionality, multiple employees from Gaijin studio took the time to answer some questions – the most important one being when we would hear news about the game’s release in […]

War Thunder Possibly Delayed On PlayStation 4 In North America, According To FAQ News 8

News 8 Originally slated to release this Friday, the highly popular World War II-themed F2P MMO, War Thunder, may have possibly been delayed for North America. The official FAQ confirms that on the day that the PlayStation 4 launches in Europe, which is this Friday, November 29th, War Thunder will be available to all European PS4 owners along […]

War Thunder PS4 Version Launching Nov. 29th Worldwide, Surpasses 5 Million Players News 5

News 5 Noticeably absent from Sony’s PS4 launch title list was the flight combat MMO War Thunder. Slated for a ‘Holiday 2013’ season, we now have a concrete release date. Gaijin Games has revealed the title will launch worldwide on Sony’s console November 29th. The release of the game coincides with the launch of the PS4 in […]

War Thunder Not Coming to Xbox One, Developer Cites Microsoft Policies News 104

News 104 In a recent interview with Edge, CEO and President of Gaijin Entertainment Anton and Kiril Yudintsev discussed why their free-to-play MMO wouldn’t be coming to Xbox One. According to the developers, certain policies such as no cross-platform play and patching without Microsoft approval are major sticking points. Even with Microsoft’s announcement allowing indie developers to […]

PS4 War Thunder Gamescom Trailer, 300+ WWII Vehicles, Exclusive PS4 and PS+ Content Detailed News 7

News 7 Developer Gaijin Entertainment released a new pulse pounding trailer for War Thunder during Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference at Gamescom. It was previously revealed the PS4 version was set to debut at Gamescom and Gaijin had quite a bit to say about its free-to-play WWII Flight Combat MMO. PS4 fans will be glad to hear that […]

PS4 Version of War Thunder Set to Debut at Gamescom, Includes Cross-Platform Play News 46

News 46 War Thunder, a WWII-themed flight-combat MMO, will be displayed for the first time on PlayStation 4 at Gamescom 2013. The PC version, which is currently in open beta, reached over 3 million participants last month. Gajin Entertainment Creative Director, Kirill Yudintsev, had this to say about the PS4 version of War Thunder: Sony has been […]

War Thunder, Military MMO By Gaijin Entertainment, Launches on the PlayStation 4 This Holiday News 10

News 10 Developer and Publisher Gaijin Entertainment are launching War Thunder, a military MMO that will make its debut on the PlayStation 4 this Holiday season. The game is based on the World War II era and will allow players to take part in “action filled, highly explosive …battles from the air, mobilized on the ground or out […]