Warframe Heart of Deimos Receives New Trailer, Xaku Warframe Profile Video Released

Ahead of tomorrow’s release for Warframe’s next major expansion, Digital Extremes have released two brand-new trailer to celebrate the Warframe Heart of Deimos launch.

Down below you’ll find both trailer along with some details of the Heart of Deimos expansion.

Xaku Warframe Profile video

About Warframe Heart of Deimos:

The new Heart of Deimos Quest will see you following Mother, and her loyal (if a little damaged) servants Loid and Otak, into the sinister mystery that surrounds the Infested Moon of Deimos. You must look past Deimos’ wormed exterior if you ever hope to understand its secrets, Tenno. Collect the tattered remains of Xaku and unleash its Void power to corrupt and confuse enemies. Infuse your Warframes with new Abilities by utilizing the Helminth System aboard your Orbiter.

Access Heart of Deimos by completing the Mars Junction on your path through the Star Chart!

As you explore Cambion Drift, you’ll learn more about the landscape, teeming with life that is just as quick to tear you to pieces as look at you. Observe and collect the useful flora and mining resources and come face to face with Deimos’ more sentient inhabitants: the Entrati.

The Entrati are ancient Orokin, who have been integrated into the Infestation that spreads across Deimos. Semi-conscious, a group of Entrati researchers will be your guides as you venture out into the Cambion Drift to complete Bounties, collect Resources, conserve wildlife and restore Deimos! You’ll learn much more about the Entrati when you start to dive into Heart of Deimos, Tenno!

Warframe Heart of Deimos is releasing tomorrow for all platforms Warframe is currently on, which is something the devs hope will continue in the future. We’ll have more coverage on the expansion, along with the full patch notes for tomorrow’s update. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check out gameplay of Heart of Deimos and details straight from Tennocon right here.

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