Warframe – Hotfix 8.3 Adds New Class Tweaks, Updates and Fixes, Now Live

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Digital Extremes has recently released a rather huge hotfix for their free-to-play, third-person PC shooter (soon to be PS4), Warframe.

The fix will hog up a little over 800 MB on your hard drive, but its contents aren’t short on a ton of goodies. It features numerous additions, characters class tweaks, changes and fixes a number of issues.

Check out the details below, courtesy of Warframe’s official forum:

Hotfix 8.3 Details


  • Added improved Solar Landmark system for Grandmasters.
  • Expanded animation library for the Grineer (combat and ambient animations)
  • MOTD now displayed in halls of the Dojo.
  • Added support for /invite in chat, and inviting people who aren’t on your friends list or in your clan.
  • Added 2 options for consumable Fireworks items to the Market.
  • Added Red White & Blue color picker.
  • Added game invite and add friend options to chat user list context menu.


  • Doubled the length of alerts for rare rewards.
  • Alert System 2.0 is live
  • Stalker Bow and Paris 3D draw sounds now have fire rate multiplier.
  • 3D Sounds on Pistols and Sentinel now have proper mix effects.
  • Improved NPC awareness transfer across host migration.
  • Revised multiple melee weapon animations.
  • Improved enemy waypoints on minimap to show true location instead of next closest nav location.
  • Dojo pieces that are dead ends are marked as such.
  • Enemies that had had elemental immunities now take regular damage, with multiplied damage for weaknesses (fire and electricity).
  • Updated Warframe abilities to use energy color selected by player.
  • Grineer now play animation while activating security system, allowing slightly more time to interrupt.
  • Improved anti-cheat detection.
  • Replaced all known Corpus consoles with Grineer consoles in Grineer levels.
  • Made session join failures able to identify when the failure was because the session is full; hopefuly this will make losing a void key join race a little less magical.
  • Added missing sounds from Prime melee weapons (swoosh!).
  • Only enemies that see the player will activate panic buttons, preventing enemies in other zones hitting activating the alarms.
  • Reduced particle systems on some fog that were causing performance issues on low-end machines.
  • Prova Weapon model updated.

Warframe Buffs

  • Mag: Pull- Changed to pull all targets in front of the player.
  • Mag: Shield Polarize – Now radial instead of single target. Radial damage around enemy targets that suffer shield drain.
  • Mag: Bullet Attractor – Bullet attractors now become volatile when target dies before attractor is finished, these cause radial damage around the dead target.(needs more visual polish)
  • Rhino: Iron Skin – 400,600,800,1200 damage caps. Removed timer.
  • Rhino Roar: NEW POWER: Radial damage buff for all players within range (10%,15%,25%,50%)
  • Rhino: Rhino Stomp – Rolled Radial blast and Rhino Stomp together. Rhino Stomp now does damage to enemies(150,300,500,800)
  • Volt: Speed: Now a radial group buff, All Tenno in a radius around the caster will get a speed and melee weapon speed increase (speed, range, duration all increase with fusion level). Range (15,20,22,25) Speed (10%,15%,25%,50%) Duration (5,6,8,10).
  • Overload: Higher damage output during entire animation.
  • Shock: Has proper chaining, fusion now increases the number of chains and the radius it looks for further chaining targets.


  • Fixed Defense Missions awarding level 0 Fusion Cores
  • Fixed Endless Defense missions that could be ended immediately upon host migration.
  • Fixed AI pathfinding reported in Grineer Boss room.
  • Fixed areas in Grineer maps that players could wall run out of the level.
  • Fixed edge case issue where objective marker would not clear upon completing Capture objective.
  • Fixed issue where some AI types could not be executed with stealth kills.
  • Fixed stealth attacks on Infested Chargers that failed to bring out melee weapon.
  • Fixed stealth attack kills not counting towards mission kill stats.
  • Fixed loot crate positions in Corpus Outpost hanger that were inside the floor.
  • Fixed loss of functionality when loading mods if user has significant amount in inventory.
  • Fixed missing sound effects for Fang and Ether Daggers slide attack.
  • Fixed all projectiles to accept energy color selection.
  • Fixed lag and FX issues when shooting through Volt’s shield.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire ability not showing effects on enemies.
  • Fixed missing Loc strings observed in Orokin missions.
  • Fixed missing ragdoll events on Infested death animations.
  • Fixed missing Cronus charge attack sound.
  • Fixed idle animations that would move the player slightly when no weapons are equipped (Dojo).
  • Fixed mis-aligned muzzle flash on Burston weapon.
  • Fixed instances of inactive Corpus AI when spawned on centre platform of Outpost Defense.
  • Fixed some Defense text strings that would appear to clients in host’s language.
  • Fixed various Warframe abilities that were not working on Cryopod/Core.
  • Fixed issue where pending recipe list was falsely reporting to be empty.
  • Fixed various reported graphics clipping and z-fighting issues.
  • Fixed Vortex instantly killing enemies in certain cases .
  • Fixed ragdolls being destroyed when held in a Vortex for too long (more than 15 seconds).
  • Fixed various lightmap and z-fighting issues in reported levels.
  • Fixed issue where game invites would not be ignored from ignored users.
  • Fixed Orokin traps causing shockwave will cause screen blur throughout the whole level.
  • Fixed a Corpus extraction level that allowed users to climb out of it.
  • Fixed Ash’s Smoke Screen where he’d hold both melee and primary weapon.
  • Fixed Kogake charge attack from damaging Sentinels.
  • Fixed various reported collision and clipping issues across all maps.
  • Fixed some edge cases where melee strikes would attack with primary weapon.
  • Fixed melee action being temporarily blocked after completing a slide attack with Dual Zorens.
  • Fixed some missions may be completed by simply walking into the extraction.
  • Fixed mantling not always working when there are some obstructions above the player.
  • Fixed issue where doors remain locked after lockdown is cleared.
  • Fixed Phorid not attacking crouched players.
  • Fixed Orokin laser trap cooldown UI timer not showing on clients.
  • Fixed various map holes and clipping issues based on user reports.
  • Fixed issue where Rescue Agents and nearby AI would pause if player ran two rooms ahead.
  • Fixed progression stopper where secondary capture mission target did not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where Trinity could get sliced in half or ragdoll when her link target was meant to receive such an injury.
  • Fixed rescue room triggers to only enable when the objective is active to prevent bugs when it’s a secondary objective.
  • Fixed enemies springing to their feet immediately after surviving Mag’s Crush ability.
  • Fixed some animation blending issues when carrying Datamass.
  • Fixed some common trouble spots where Datamass could get stuck and be unreachable.
  • Fixed issue where Corpus elevator could occasionally change direction before reaching the top.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire ability from targeting inactive turrets.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Mag Bullet Attractor ability (FX on host/client, unintended projectile weapon behaviour, Glaive was not working with this ability).
  • Fixed Hammer Boss phases breaking after Frost’s Avalanche ability.
  • Fixed issue where a primary or secondary Spy objective would require 0 terminals.
  • Fixed multiple reported crash issues.
  • Fixed ‘Power In Use’ bug when using Frost’s Avalanche
  • Fixed missing animation with Volt’s Overload.
  • Fixed Matchmaking region resetting on Login.
  • Fixed ‘square’ light artifact around dynamic lights (most noticable in cave tilesets).
  • Returned Infested pack to the store after accidentally removing it.

If you’re still with us after that lengthy hotfix note, don’t forget to participate in this weekend’s event, which taking on hoards of pesky Grineer surveillance drones, more details about it here.