Battlefield V: Here’s What the V1 Rocket Looks Like & How It Works, Point B on Rotterdam Fully Fortified Revealed

battlefield 5 new reinforcements

One of the new things introduced in Battlefield V is a squad rewards mechanic that allowed the squad leader the option to call in a supply drop, Tiger tanks, or even a V1 rocket attack on a specific target. Think of these squad rewards like Call of Duty’s scorestreaks, though these take longer to get, can only be called in by the squad leader, and don’t require you go on any streak to obtain.

If you’re curious what these V1 rockets look like, then wonder no more! Check out the video below where it’s showcased how devastating these things are. Count how many it takes down by counting the names that show up in the killfeed.

[Video] Battlefield 5 – V1 Rocket kills everyone in front while knocking me back from PS4

(Thanks for the Twitter video tip, Randall Wong!)

Impressive, right? Not sure how to activate it? Simple. All you have to do is hold L1 and R1 (on PS4, or LB and RB on Xbox One), and an item wheel will pop up, and just choose the V1 Rockets. That said, it’s easier said than done since you’ll need 40,000 points amassed in order to call one in. Once you do, you just use the scope to paint the target you want to get hit, and that’s it.

In other Battlefield V news, Lead Multiplayer Designer Valerian Noghin shared what a fully fortified point B looks like in the Rotterdam map. Windows can be boarded up, there’s barbed wire on the floor, even!

Make sure to read up on our Battlefield V beta impressions piece to see what we make of it so far. DICE has also revealed quite a lot of info regarding the game based on beta feedback. Expect the starting ammo capacity to be changed come release, and even the respawn and revive times are being looked at.

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