Watch Two New Character Introductions From Blizzard’s Upcoming Shooter, Overwatch

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Overwatch, the upcoming area, team-based PC shooter from Blizzard, gets two new character introductions, adding to the already impressive roster of quirky combatants.

Roadhog, hailing from the Australian Outback, is a ruthless killer who uses a Chain Hook to pull enemies in and and a Scrap Gun to attack. He can also heal himself with the Take a Breather ability and go totally ham with his Whole Hog overload technique.

Junkrat, a notorious criminal, uses scrapped-together gadgets like a Frag Launcher, Concussion Mines, and Steel Traps to blow up, blow away, and trap enemies. The RIP-Tire bomb, meanwhile, makes a great explosive flanking device.


What do you think of Overwatch’s newest heroes? The Overwatch Beta begins this Fall. Visit the website to sign up.