World War Z Update 1.04 Patch Notes Now Live, Mostly Include Fixes

world war z update 1.04 patch notes

Those who take delight taking out the undead, just a heads up! There’s a new World War Z update 1.04 patch out now for PS4 (no word if it’s live on PC, Xbox One yet), and while it’s a massive download (currently 10GB on PS4 for me), it includes bug fixes and no new content.

Check out the World war Z 1.04 patch notes according to the Saber Interactive:

Yep, it’s a massive 10GB download just for that. Of course, there is a chance that it also includes files for new content coming in the future, but even so, that’s still a might big download just to fix bugs, no? If Saber Interactive releases a more detailed look at what got fixed, we’ll update the post.

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Note that previous World War Z update (1.03) had a ton of gameplay fixes and content, and was at 15GB. Check out the patch notes of that here.

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