WWE 2K18 Update 1.07 Slams Out, Less Than 1GB in Size (Update #2)

wwe 2k18 update

Update #2:

The full patch notes have been released by 2K over on their forums. While we did get the patch notes, 2K also mentioned “various other general bug fixes” that aren’t part of the notes.

Below are a list of some of the fixes in this patch.

• Fixed a soft crash when going into MyPlayer/MyCareer, then backing out to the main menu and re-entering.
• Fixed an issue where the host loses all functionality in private matches.
• Fixed non-functional run-in options after installing DLC.
• Ladders no longer briefly float after they have been knocked over by a move during a match.
• Fixed an issue with rope break failing to be called during certain pin combos.
• Fixed an issue of the superstars popping up in mid-air when attempting to perform a pin during the Avalanche Angle Slam sell animation in a match.
• Fixed some corrupted textures on Superstars.

XB1 Specific
• Fixed an issue where the game will fail to join the host’s lobby when signed out of the active user profile in-game.

There are also various other general bug fixes throughout the game.


While we await the official patch notes for WWE 2K18 update 1.07, you can check out the patch notes for update 1.06, which oddly enough, is the version Xbox One owners are getting now according to the official 2K forums. On Xbox One, the file size is 1.1GB.

  • Improvements to overall stability and other minor fixes have been made to enhance the user experience
  • Import a Show is Back (According to a User on Smacktalks)

That’s all we know so far, but once 2K officially releases notes, we’ll update the post.

Original Story:

Yuke’s has just released a new WWE 2K18 update (1.07) thats out now. Clocking in at 830MB on the PlayStation 4, the full patch notes have yet to be rolled out by 2K Games, but once they do, we’ll be sure to update the post.

One tweak that’s noticeable off the bat is that “import a show” is back, and that if you scroll down the main Downloads menu, you can see certain icons are used on the bottom left based on whether or not created wrestlers use stuff from the Virtual Currency (VC) unlockables or DLC (via Reddit).

The last WWE 2K18 update, which was released back in November 2017, had a few changes too, which you can read about here. You should also check out this hilarious video showcasing the game’s bugs.

If you notice anything post-patch, let us know in the comments.

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