Xbox Live Down, Affects Online Gaming

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Is Xbox Live down for you? Well, don’t worry because you aren’t the only one as multiple reports of the service being down are currently flooding in. Those on Xbox One and Xbox 360 may have noticed some issues when trying to sign-in, and if you did happen to successfully log on, then you may have noticed that some games are experiencing some issue.

The official Xbox Live Status page states that Xbox Live Core Services, and Purchase and Content Usage are affected.

Microsoft has taken to its official Xbox Support Twitter account to announce that they are aware of issues signing into XBL and looking into it:

This tweet just comes after multiple reports of Xbox Live server outages happening worldwide popping up on Reddit:

Are servers down for anyone else right now me and my friend’s tried to play dead by daylight then siege and they both said they we were offline but we could talk through and xbox party? from xboxone

anyone else getting the service outages message ( sorry for the glare and screen from xboxone

Any one else with UPnp issues? from xboxone

Once the issue has been resolved, we will update the status of this post. Hopefully, things clear up real soon so we can all go back to enjoying some online gaming. Is XBL up or not working for you? Share where you are and how it’s functioning in the comments below.

In case you missed it

In other related Xbox gaming news, Microsoft announced that they are doing an Xbox E3 2020 digital show, though no exact schedule has been mentioned just yet. This news comes just after the ESA confirmed that E3 2020 would no longer be happening due to the Coronavirus.

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