Xbox Series X Quick Resume Feature Works Even After Full Reboot

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Just the other day, Microsoft revealed a host of features for the upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. One of these said features, is the Xbox One Series X quick resume, which works on multiple games this time around.

This little tidbit was confirmed by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, in the latest Major Nelson podcast, where he had Director of Program Management at Xbox Jason Ronald as a guest. According to Ronald, the Xbox Series X’s SSD (Solid State Drive) will let players quickly resume games and not just one title at a time.

In the podcast, Nelson asks Ronald to explain the quick resume feature since some people might think it’s nothing special given the Xbox One can already do this.

Today you can quick resume the last game that you’re playing, but with Xbox Series X we’re actuallly able to do that for multiple titles. and we’re basically taking this to the next level of capability, and this is really powered by our custom built SSD that’s part of the Xbox Series X, which actually allows us to have multiple games saved at any one time. And I can instantly jump between them or jump into them and resume where I was when I left off. – Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox

It doesn’t stop there, however, Hryb chimes in and mentions what he shares might get him “in trouble.”

I’ll probably get in trouble for talking about this…one thing I was noticing when I was in the Lab was I playing it, and switching back and forth just real quickly and seamlessly between games. But then I had to reboot because I had a system update.  And then I went back to the game and went right back to it. So it survives a reboot! That’s amazing! – Major Nelson

You can hear the both of them talk about it at the 5:00 mark of the podcast.

I got to say, that’s one hell of a feature! Now you don’t need to load each and every game that you frequently play, and just have them suspended. Hopefully, the Xbox Series X won’t crash if you do this for a lot of games.

Are you surprised at this new feature or were you expecting it? What other quality of life feature should gamers expect from these next-gen consoles?