Xbox Series X Logo Surfaces via Patent Filing

Xbox Series X Dashboard

While we already know a fair amount of details regarding the Xbox Series X, it seems Microsoft is pushing out a new logo for the upcoming next-gen console. Spotted via a patent filed by Microsoft is the new Xbox Series X logo.

Check it out below.

Official description of the filing can be seen below as well.

Description of Mark
The mark consists of the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X.
Goods and Services
Downloadable video and computer game programs; interactive video game devices comprised of computer hardware and software and accessories, namely, game consoles, game controllers, and software for operating game controllers; electronic devices for accessing global computer and communication networks; computer hardware and peripherals

In the filing, it also mentions other stuff like watches, keychains, bags, glasses, headwear, patches and more. In short: anything that can be branded with it is fair game.

While companies patent a lot of things, that doesn’t mean we’ll see it come to fruition. But for this one, it seems Microsoft has finally found the Xbox Series X logo, so don’t be surprised to see the Xbox Series X box be stamped with it come launch time.

Are you liking the logo so far? Or do you prefer the old classic Xbox logo?

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