MP1st Lock-On Podcast Episode 2: Zenimax Acquisition and Series X Expandable Storage Pricing and Size Reactions

MP1st Podcast Lock-on Episode 2

Welcome to another episode of the MP1st Lock-On Podcast! In this episode of Lock-On we dive deep into our reactions to the recent news of Microsoft’s massive acquisition of Zenimax along with the price point of the Xbox Series X expandable storage.

With the previous episode of Lock-On podcast being all about Sony and their PS5 showcase, all eyes are now looking at Microsoft as they have made possibly the biggest acquisition in gaming history. If you haven’t heard, Microsoft has purchased the massive company known as Zenimax, who for those that don’t know, are the parent company of Bethesda, id Software, and many other large notable names. This news sent a pretty big shockwave throughout the industry, and while Bethesda has come out to say that they will continue to self-publish their titles, the future of Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and even Starfield are now in question as to whether or not they will eventually become full exclusive for the Xbox ecosystem. Without further ado, here’s are reaction episode of MP1st Lock-On Podcast

The Cast:

  • Kyle Hooper
  • Sean Mesler
  • Tim Lawrence

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