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Dust 514 and Eve Online – Dev Details Ways Players Can Interact Between The Two Universes News 3

News 3 One of the most appealing features of Dust 514 is that it takes place in the Eve Online universe. When Dust 514 was first announced, it was said that both games would work with each other. At the time, no one really understood what exactly that meant, but Eurogamer managed to contact CCP developer Jon […]

Dust 514 – Top Load-out Might Cost Up to $0.24 Per Death, Completely Optional News 12

News 12 CCP vice president of Art, Morgan Godat sat down with Eurogamer to discuss Dust 514 real life currency economy. For every death that occurs in Dust 514, someone loses their gear. Meaning that if you earned yourself a high end weapon and died, you’ll lose that weapon forever until you purchase it again. “There’s a thing […]