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Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Update 1.21 October 26 Skids Out News 1

News 1 Beenox has released a rather hefty update to Crash Team Racing and it’s out now! The Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled update 1.21 October 26 patch is live on PS4, and it clocks in at a hefty 6GB! Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Update 1.21 October 26 Patch Notes: Unfortunately, it seems Beenox is continuing […]

Crash Team Racing Remaster Release Date, Gameplay & Special Editions Revealed, Will Include Online Multiplayer News 0

News 0 As expected, the murmurs of a Crash Team Racing remaster is real! Officially coined as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the game will be an HD remaster and then some! Expect online multiplayer matches and more. In the press release sent out, Activision has announced the Crash Team Racing remaster release date set for June 21, […]

Report: Crash Team Racing Remake to Be Announced at The Game Awards News 0

News 0 If you’re old enough to remember it, there’s one definitive kart racing game on the original PlayStation, and that’s Crash Team Racing; a game based on the Crash Bandicoot franchise, and developed by Naughty Dog. While that game was definitely loved by a lot (including this guy), we sadly didn’t see a sequel. Given how […]

The Best Offline Multiplayer Games for 10 Past-Gen Consoles News 16

News 16 Multiplayer games have been at the forefront of home console gaming for decades, and while developers have innovated and redefined multiplayer gaming, these awesome games are just as fun and relevant as the day they debuted. If you want some old-fashioned offline multiplayer fun, pick up one of these consoles and fire up their best […]