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Fan Makes Snap-On DualShock 4 Flight Stick With Triggers and It’s Impressive News 2

News 2 With Star Wars Squadrons being the latest game that lets would-be pilots dogfight in space, some might not feel that playing a traditional game controller is good enough of an experience. Sure, you can buy your own flght stick, but what if you can make your own? Apparently, that’s just what one gamer did! Gamer […]

Product Review – The SCUF 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller Reviews 26

Reviews 26 With PlayStation becoming the new home of Call of Duty eSports and Sony securing early Call of Duty DLC launches starting with Black Ops 3, the temptation for fans of the series on Xbox to jump ship is at an all time high. Falling into this category myself, and as a long-time user of third-party Xbox controllers like the SCUF Hybrid […]

PS4 Console, Camera, and Controller Receive Price Increase in Canada News 10

News 10 Recent price increases in Canada for Sony’s latest console don’t appear to be temporary. Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed with the Toronto Sun that the PlayStation 4 would be increasing in price from $399.99 to $449.99 effective today. The declining value of the Canadian dollar wasn’t cited specifically, but Sony did attribute the decision to recent […]