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EverQuest Next to Make Good Use of PlayStation 4’s Social Features News 1

News 1 EverQuest Next is coming to the PlayStation 4 and will be taking advantage of the console’s unique social features. Speaking to Polygon, EverQuest franchise director of development Dave Georgeson confirmed that Sony’s console will make it easier for players to share content using through a wide range of social media integration. The PlayStation 4 version of […]

EverQuest Next Unveiled, SOE Promises “Something Really Original” News 21

News 21 Sony Online Entertainment is bringing back EverQuest in a big way. EverQuest Next is not only the next evolution within the franchise, but the next evolution within the genre itself, one that does not necessarily fit the current MMORPG mold. Or, at least, that’s what SOE Director of Design David Georgeson claims. “EverQuest is another point […]