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FOV Changer For Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC In The Works, Says Infinity Ward News 22

News 22 In a recent update to Call of Duty: Ghosts’ official list of incoming improvements, senior community manager Tina Palacios has indicated that Infinity Ward is working on a Field of View changer for the PC version of the game. Previously, PC users have had to resort to using third-party programs to tweak the game’s FOV, […]

Black Ops 2 Stats Will Not Reset at Launch, PC Patch Includes 90 FOV and Live Streaming Tips News 5

News 5 Getting pumped for Black Ops 2? Though we are still a full day and a few hours away from release, you may have noticed a Black Ops 2 copy in the hands of a number of gamers who’ve managed to attain it yearly through various means. The question most likely pops up in your mind, […]

Black Ops 2 PC – FOV Maxed at 80, FPS on Ranked Matches Might be Capped at 120 News 32

News 32 Update PCDev has made a quick correction regarding the FPS cap for ranked matches: Correction: Yesterday I said that FPS would be capped at 120 for ranked matches. The cap will actually be 200 FPS for ranked matches. This cap is needed to prevent monster rigs from degrading dedicated server performance. Frag on, please. Treyarch’s PC […]