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Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn Patch Notes News 9

News 9 A new patch is set to drop tomorrow (3/30) for titanfall 2, introducing not only a new map, but a variety of tweaks and fixes. You can read up on the full patch note below, which was released on the official Titanfall 2 forums. If you haven’t gotten your hands on Titanfall 2 and would […]

Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Is Coming to Xbox 360 on July 17/18 for Free, No ETA for PS3 and PC News 73

News 73 Mark Rubin has announced that the Modern Warfare 3 version of Terminal will be released on July 17th for Elite premium members, July 18th for everyone else on Xbox 360. As we previously reported, Xbox 360 owners will receive the Modern Warfare 2 map first. “Terminal Update MW3: Terminal went into cert[ification] at Microsoft on 7/2 and […]

Infinity Ward Dev Working on Bringing MW2’s Terminal to MW3 for Free News 71

News 71 Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has commented on why assets related to Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal have been found in Modern Warfare 3. Last month, Terminal appeared in Modern Warfare 3’s files as a Spec Ops mission. More recently, fan site CoDMapPacks reported on map names Terminal and Shipbreaker, which looks similar to MW2’s Rust, showing up on the map […]