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Marvel’s Spider-Man Ultimate Edition & Demon’s Souls PS5 Minimum File Size Revealed News 0

News 0 As spotted on the official PlayStation direct pre-order page, the Marvel’s Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls PS5 minimum file size have been revealed! For Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is the ultimate edition that includes the new Miles Morales expansion we are looking at 105 GB as a minimum requirement. To compare, the original PS4 release weights roughly […]

Fuse – First Screens and Gameplay Details of Insomniac’s 2013 Co-Op Shooter News 12

News 12 For those Insomniac fans out there, Fuse may be somewhat familiar to you. Formerly known as Overstrike, Fuse is a third person, four-player co-op game that is centered around a volatile energy source that has fallen into enemy hands. A terrorist organization known as Raven has gotten their grip on the substance, called Fuse, and Overstrike […]