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PS3 Exclusive Journey Gets Rocket Death Match DLC, Probably Never Releasing News 7

News 7 Journey was an excellent PS3 title, and in fact, was even a nominee for our Multiplayer Experience of 2012. While the co-op is one of the best, more emotional experiences to date, there was always that competitive component missing from the game. Fear not, though. Today, ThatGameCompany released a teaser for an upcoming Journey DLC […]

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – Staff Picks News 61

News 61 On January 1st, 2013, we will be awarding one title with the rank of the best multiplayer gaming experience of 2012. What makes this year’s choice so hard is not only the fact that there are a ton of amazing multiplayer games out there, but that MP1st is made up of many minds, all with different […]

An Old Snake Tired Of First-Person Shooters – Multiplayer Titles To Play This Holiday Season News 12

News 12 Ah, yes. The season of first-person shooters releases is nearly over. With most of you guys having spent the past few month completely submerged in FPS games like the Call of Duty, Halo or the Battlefield series, now might be a good time to come up for a gasp of fresh air and check out […]