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Ex-Bungie Exec Spills the Beans on Activision Deal, Says “It Turned Out as Bad as We Thought” News 6

News 6 In January last year, the gaming world was rocked with the news that the Activision-Bungie partnership was ending, and that Bungie would be self-publishing Destiny 2 and future games in the future. While Bungie said Activision were “great partners,” it seems the behind-the-scenes picture doesn’t paint a similar picture. Former Bungie executive and franchise composer […]

Destiny Musical Score Remains Unaffected By Composer’s Leave, Says Bungie News 11

News 11 Destiny developer Bungie insists the game remains largely unaffected by the unexpected leave of veteran composer Martin O’Donnell. Long-time fans of his work were saddened to learn yesterday that the composer was terminated by Bungie’s board of directors “without cause“. Soon after, Bungie community manager David Dague wrote in a statement titled “There are those who […]