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Rumor – Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Have An ‘Open World Multiplayer Playground’, According to Insider News 25

News 25 If the latest rumors are to be believed, Digital Illusion CE’s sequel to the unique free-running game, Mirror’s Edge, will include a “multiplayer playground” within its always online open world. The info comes from “verified sources”, says Rocketchainsaw, who states that part of Mirror’s Edge’s open world environment will include include “a persistent, ‘always online’ component.” […]

Battlefield 3 Aftermath – More Mirror’s Edge and Dino Easter Eggs Discovered News 32

News 32 DICE continues to tease Battlefield fans in Battlefield 3’s latest multiplayer expansion, Aftermath, currently available for PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Premium members. YouTuber xXHerseyBoyXx has spotted two interesting Easter Eggs hidden in two of Aftermath’s maps, Markaz Monolith and Epicenter. Battlefield 3: Aftermath Mirror’s Edge Easter Egg You may remember back in Battlefield 3’s beta days […]

DICE Has Non-Battlefield Projects in the Works, Says EA News 40

News 40 EA doesn’t want to turn DICE into a “Battlefield factory,” explains EA Games’ vice-president Patrick Soderlund. Speaking with OXM via VG247, EA’s Patrick Soderlund stated in regards to the risks associated with launching a new IP, such as Mirror’s Edge. “Well it depends, right? Maybe it is [risky] and maybe it isn’t. It’s also important for us […]

DICE: “We’ll Have Frostbite-Powered Games In 2013 That Will Require a 64-Bit OS” News 11

News 11 It’s time to upgrade, according to DICE Rendering Architect. Johan Andersson, who’s worked extensively with the Frostbite 2 engine which recently powered games like BlackBox’s Need for Speed: The Run and, of course, DICE’s Battlefield 3, has recently announced that upcoming Frostbite-powered games will soon require a 64-bit operating system in order to be played […]

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Under Development According To Employee Resume News 135

News 135 Our first hint of the existence of Battlefield: Bad Company 3 appears in the form of LinkedIn profiles which also reveal that development for Mirror’s Edge 2 may also be well underway. Gamerzines has noticed that LinkedIn user Michael Joseph C. has listed that in between 2009 and 2011, he has “provided video game prototype, design and demo […]

Battlefield 3 – Beta Not Receiving Any More Updates, Mirror’s Edge Easter Egg and DICE Taking Feedback News 4

News 4 DICE seems to have opened up another channel for communicating with Battlefield fans about bugs and glitches in the Battlefield 3 Beta. Since last night, DICE’s Twitter account, Battlefield, has been taking concerns and responding to many, if not almost all. It has been reported earlier that the Battlefield 3 Beta does not graphically represent […]