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The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 – Episode 5: “The Perfect Weapon” News 27

News 27 Crytek and Albert Hughes are back with the 5th installment in a series of short films films called The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3, a video series leading up to the release of Crysis 3 this February 19 on all platforms. Crysis has always been a game about making you feel bad ass – like […]

Crysis 3 Beta Arrives January 29, Nanosuit Gameplay Trailer News 19

News 19 Prepare for maximum testing. The official Crysis 3 multiplayer beta arrives this January 29. Unlike the Xbox 360-exclusive Crysis 2 multiplayer beta/demo that took place in 2011, Crysis 3’s multiplayer beta will be available on all platforms and will run for two weeks (until February 12), giving you ample testing time, and developers Crytek a […]

Crytek Introduces a New Elements to Crysis 3 Multiplayer – “New York Feed,” Ceph Tech and More News 7

News 7 Producer Mike Read details some of the key features and game modes you can expect from Crysis 3’s multiplayer in this video introduction. Fans can look forward to 12 maps, 30+ new weapons and 8 different game modes in Crysis 3’s multiplayer this February 2013. Additionally, the Xbox and PS3 versions will support up to […]

[Updated] Crysis 3 Listings Leaked on Origin, Official Announcement to be Made April 16th News 17

News 17 Update: Crytek recently stated on their official Twitter account, “The best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained. Stay tuned for more information on April 16.” Original Story: Rumors have been stirring this past month that a third (numbered) entry into the Crysis series is in the works under German-based developers Crytek. Thanks to […]