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Next-Gen Consoles Need Payday 3 Within the Next Year News 0

News 0 The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S launch in just over a month. When they do, they’ll be the ultimate gaming machines. Ones that developers aspire to create the best games for, ones that will capture the interest of the entire player base, and engage them in something truly unique. However, Payday 2 […]

Payday 3 Re-Confirmed as in Development With Overkill and Starbreeze News 0

News 0 Publisher Starbreeze and developer Overkill have re-confirmed that Payday 3 is in development. The game will be the first entry to the series since Payday 2 launched in August 2013. This is an important release for Starbreeze in particular, as it could make or break them as a company. The news came via a post […]