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Crytek Introduces a New Elements to Crysis 3 Multiplayer – “New York Feed,” Ceph Tech and More News 7

News 7 Producer Mike Read details some of the key features and game modes you can expect from Crysis 3’s multiplayer in this video introduction. Fans can look forward to 12 maps, 30+ new weapons and 8 different game modes in Crysis 3’s multiplayer this February 2013. Additionally, the Xbox and PS3 versions will support up to […]

Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo News 26

News 26 A few hours ago, we reported on the fact that PS3 paid Elite owners will have access to the DLC maps before regular 360 owners. While our report was based on the info provided by one of Activision’s own, Mikey Vega, it appears that he has pulled back his statement by deleting the tweet our report […]