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Battlefield 3: End Game Xbox 360 and PC Premium Release Times News 23

News 23 Battlefield 3: End Game is now out for Premium members on the PlayStation 3, but Xbox and PC Premium members are not too far behind. Tomorrow, March 12, Premium members on the Xbox 360 and PC will be able to download the fifth and final expansion pack for Battlefield 3. Between 9:00 and 13:00 UTC tomorrow, […]

BF3 – PS3 VoIP Problem Top Priority, Back to Karkand Release Times, and Upcoming Maintenance for 360 and PC News 36

News 36 DICE reveals upcoming maintenance and Back to Karkand release times and prioritizes PS3 issues. DICE has announced that tomorrow, between 9 am GMT (4 am EST) and 10 am GMT (5 am EST), Battlefield 3 PC and 360 servers will undergo maintenance. PC and Xbox 360 players will also get Back to Karkand tomorrow. Be sure to check […]